It was just four short days ago that I worked with models in the studio for the first time. Yes, that was during one of my Washington School of Photography classes, under the watchful guidance of a wise and trusted instructor. Today I attempted to have my first shoot, on my own. No teacher. No assistant. It was me, the empty studio and the model. Here is a shot taken during class- this is the lighting set-up I was trying to create-

I set up the White Lightening lights- one with the honeycomb grid on the beauty reflector and one with a white reflector umbrella, the body sized reflector and was ready to go when-ooops- my Calumet 4-channel wireless trigger kit would not trigger the lights. This had happened in class and the instructor handed me the Pocket Wizard to use. Here I was, on my own…

What to do, what to do? Thankfully I had the resources of the Washington School of Photography studio at my disposal…. what happened? See the next post….

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