Somewhere in the purple family-

I have my final project and exam in my Color Photography class this coming week. As much as I have enjoyed learning about color relationships in photography and color psychology I’m not sure I have a firm enough grasp of either to use them as compositional tools. This is how I was feeling when I sat down Thursday morning, the day after my color class, to brainstorm about my final project. To help move myself forward I decided to not take my DSLR but instead take my point and shoot as I headed out for the day; my self-assigned homework, a color study in transit.

What you see in this gallery are two things- a photographer observing color relationships and use in everyday items while in transit, and a photography version of flash-cards in action. Meaning- forcing myself to use all of my knowledge of my camera’s manual settings to capture the best image given the limitations of the point and shoot I am using.

My greatest challenge is capturing depth of field and being able to change my focal point quickly. The point and shoot camera I have been using- a second hand Canon G11- there is a viewfinder and LCD display which is great, however I cannot see my controls inside my viewfinder which makes shooting a little awkward for me….it is all part of the learning process, yes?

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