Last posting 17 days ago.

Last posting over 1500 photos ago (new measurement of time for me).

In social media land I know this to be the equivalent of disappearing all together. Not my intention, not my intention at all. Here is the backlog of posts to be published, in no particular order:

  • Finding the Right Light Anytime
  • Child Portraiture
  • Fashion Photography
  • Painting with Light
  • Event Share: Engagement Shoot
  • Event Share: Birthday Party
  • Event Share: Retirement Ceremony
  • Storytelling
  • Share from the Midwest

Today I am going with my father to the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center in Kasas City, Missouri to try and locate a photograph of him that was printed in the newspaper during the Civil Rights Movement. This is my photography anthropology project for today-

Here are some photos from the last 17 days…

Note the difference in color management seen clearly in the Red Leaves photo. The NextGen Gallery handles the color beautifully. When the photo is uploaded directly to WordPress the color is stripped- I’m going to figure out how to fix this-

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