Many years ago when blogging was new you would say to someone “I just wrote about that on my blog-” and they would say “Gesundheit.” Now everyone has a blog, everyone is writing about everything on the web. 

This week I am in week two of my third attempt at #project365, a photo a day for each day of the year. The first and second time are barely worth writing about. I loved photography. I want to photograph and share more. I wanted to express myself beyond words. Too much talking, not enough sense. Too many words, too little reason.

As I am participating in #project365 here at the end of a 10-month professional program in photography, on the dawn of a new work endeavor, in the new old city of my hometown I carry my camera everywhere. Not the camera on my phone, not my crop-sensor entry level DSLR but the go between. The Canon G11 is for me a perfect fit- improved only by the (hopeful) addition of a full frame senor and interchangeable lenses.

It is cliche to day I am looking at everything differently. (I am looking at everything differently.) It might be too simplistic to say that taking an image a day, processing it and sharing it online has tapered my focus, helped me to watch more than look and automate- through organic workflow- the workflow of process in the eleven days I have been participating. Sometimes a return to simple is best. Singular tasks. Singular focus. One step at a time.

To this end I have also removed myself from the consumption of TV a great deal this week. More reading. More listening. More music. More simple tasks carried to completion. More presence.

In being present I came up with this bit of whimsy while doing a photographic exploration of freshly baked peanut butter cookies last night. “These are pure heaven-” I told my partner as I reached for a warm cookie from the plate before he could place it on the marble coffee table in front of us.

He pantomimed ‘praying’ to the cookies then grabbed two and headed for his man cave.

This is how I think God sees me when I pray:

thank you
thank you, more please

This is how I imagine God smiling down at me when s/he hears my prayers:

you're welcome little one
you’re welcome little one

We are made in God’s image…right?

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