On a recent visit to New York I went to the H {N)Y P N(Y} OSIS exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory. I was attending a workshop that ended at 4:00pm on the UES and had dinner plans at 7:00pm in Chinatown. Time to spend. On the way off the train at 78th I was handed my complementary Time Out New York which was now stuffed in my backpack. It was 4:20pm and I was sitting in Joe’s Coffee with E and K, deciding what to do with the time, wanting to be together “doing” something. H {N)Y P N(Y} OSIS won. Hopped a cab.

I was excited to see the exhibit. I read the description in Time Out and the program when we arrived. This was my first conscious experience with the Gamelan and the concept thereof since I left Wesleyan. The confluence of being in the city in this week, with these people, doing these things plus a Wesleyan infusion was blissful. I love the person I was in college- my own brilliant beautiful optimistic unscarred unwise mess of me. She is the seed of my life’s tree in all her lushness and harmony.

While in the exhibit I was drawn by sound but led to light.

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