Getting back to it after almost 18 months looks like this.

After the concussion there are glasses and exciting Saturday nights at home updating your blog. 

After the concussion muscle memory tells you who you are and who you aren’t. As I spent the afternoon relearning the soup to nuts WordPress update process I am thankful for the CMS advances in the past year because the process was a breeze. Update all the websites, re-connect the accounts, install and customize a fresh new theme. All THIS excitement on my couch, in my sweats. This is a human story. A story about synergy, serendipity and humanity in the mid-Atlantic region of North America in the country currently known as The United States of America as told by a female person with brown skin.

Muscle memory tells you who you are and who aren’t. So when you decide to take a photo of yourself in the process of getting back to it to write a blog post about the process of getting back to it you decide you need a photo of yourself, maybe more than one. So even though you are sitting in front of your laptop with a webcam were you could take a selfie you reach for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 because it has a better camera and you are- a photographer. So you reach for your smartphone and you take a few photos, then you retake a few with one of your cats (because cats are part of the backbone of the internet) and put down your smartphone. Flip the tab in your browser to Google Photos to preview the photos with more screen real estate, because you are- a tech geek who loves efficient apps and elegant workflow. You do what you do because you are you and muscle memory reminds you. Reminds me. Compose, add media, edit, review, rearrange, edit copy, edit media, review, check social media settings, set tags….serotonin levels increase, updates in progress….exit design process and repeat-


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