Self-portrait of the photographer as a young woman.


… is my creative outlet, digital portfolio in process, the place this digigriot puts her stories. Nandikerri is a nickname from my teenage years growing up in Washington, D.C. and has been my nom de plume on the Internet since there was an Internet.

I a professional photographer, an educational technology leader with over 10 years of experience, digital media arts teacher, an occasional tutor, a life-long writer and multimedia artist. I am moving back in to personal blogging and multimedia projects after an 18-month medical hiatus. Here I am blogging about my photography, my uber geeky edtech digital media arts life, being a black woman and woman of color in America in 2017 and beyond, taking my broken heart and making art, whatever moves me and the intersectionality of all that. All views represented here are my own.


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