It is Saturday afternoon, temperate weather- I am sitting at my desk in my office. Middle room, second floor of the rental house. The weather does not reveal the season- it could be a mild day before a snowstorm or a thundershower.  The global climate changes have made it more and more difficult to discern the seasons as I first experienced them as a child.

The global changes in my life over the past 10 years also seem to make it more and more challenging to discern the emotional seasons of my year as I first experienced them.

This is a blog without a sales pitch.

When I first started blogging in 2004 blogs were personal, they were not for the most part revenue generating portals. They were personal in the context of the public sphere as we knew it in a less interconnected non social media dominant internet experience. I wrote about my life, what I was experiencing, how I felt, sometimes my reactions to local, regional or world events. People read the entries because they were interested in my stories; some people responded. It was a non- syndicated op-ed experience about my life.

I did this for about three years. Life in the form of work overwhelmed me. People were getting fired for blogging about their opinions. My father got scared I would loose my job. I put a password on my blog. I wrote less and less then stopped altogether.

Since then I have built and trashed several versions of websites, portals, content management systems and blogs- both for work and for personal interest.

I’m trying again to stick with this for myself. This is my checkin between me and the world.  I am being adventurous- blogging here for myself while in school for photography, while working on my professional photography website, an edtech consulting website and looking for steady income. I’m trying to show up here everyday.

The social media icons floating on the lower right corner of your screen will take you to my profiles on other parts of the internet. Here we go-

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